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Black Forest Arts and Crafts Guild Show
Fall and Spring Shows every year


About my work


I absolutely love what is possible with ceramics. There's no place I would rather be than behind the wheel with some of my favorite tunes on. I guess a close second is opening up the glaze kiln to see how the glaze combos worked their magic. So much joy can come from what we can create. Years ago I started taking classes during the summer and in my free time, and for years I kept working to hone my craft even though I kept making more mistakes than miracles.  I used to make so much that I would invite friends over to select their own "gifts" because I had no room to store everything. Now I am a full time teacher and  I have a home studio in Black Forest, just north of Colorado Springs.  The pieces on the home page are the set of dishes I made in 2008.  Since then I have become fascinated with sprig designs, especially when I can sculpt my own designs. I also have experimented with different clay bodies, and I am in love with what I can do with the raku kiln. Most of my current work is fired to cone 6, and I have a large selection of glazes and I experiment to see what works well together.  I still love using sprig molds to add decoration, but I also love experimenting with mixing glazes and trying new forms to see what I can create. Some of my specialties include handcrafted goblets thrown in two pieces, vases and other slab designs crafted on the slab roller, and honey pots complete with a handmade bear on the lid. I have also made some large fountains and hanging planters! I love anything with texture.

Jenny George Home Studio

In addition to selling pottery, I also offer time and classes for people interested in playing with clay. Come and learn how to use the slab roller to make a tiled address plate or a slumped bowl.  The slab roller is like a giant rolling pin that takes up half the garage. So much can happen here. Or come use the extruder to help you form a cylinder for make handles.  I also have two wheels side by side and tons of ways to decorate. Let me know what you are interested in, and we'll find a way to do it and have some fun.




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